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Revocations can be disruptive, no doubt about it. If you’re going to begin one soon, then you may be wondering if you’ll be able to live in your home while the renovation is taking place. Living through a renovation is often possible, but no two renovations are alike.

Whether you can live in your home during your remodel will depend on the state your house is in while the remodel is taking place. Your contractor should communicate with you about whether you can live at home during your upcoming home improvement project.

Can I Live In My House During Renovations?

The vast majority of homeowners do live in their own home during their renovations. Often, renovations take place in one portion of the house. To stay safe and make life at home more comfortable, everyone avoids that part of the house while the work is being done. To prevent inconvenience, most contractors will do what they can to help ensure that their clients are able to stay at home. A responsible contractor will:

  • Contain tools to the portions of the house where the work is taking place.
  • Set up equipment to control dust in the house.
  • Provide information about when the work will take place, when water or electricity will be turned off and when you can expect the work to be completed.
  • Set expectations ahead of time, so you’ll know where the work will be done, and which parts of the house will have contractors in them.

Getting Ready to Live at Home

Most renovations are not so disruptive that the homeowner cannot continue to live in their house while the renovation is taking place. However, you may need to make changes to your everyday routine to make room for contractors. For example, if you’re living through a kitchen remodel, your contractor may help you set up a temporary kitchen elsewhere in your house.

Some homeowners set up their temporary kitchen in their dining room, others set it up in their garage. Either way, you may need to move your refrigerator, set up a temporary cooktop, and even set up a temporary sink.

Many people eat takeout during their kitchen remodel, but takeout can get old after several weeks. You’ll be wanting to make some food at home, so setting up a temporary kitchen is one way that you can make life in your home more comfortable while your remodel is taking place.

No Guests Allowed!

During your renovation it’s a good idea to postpone events with guests, even if you’re still living in your home. Renovations can create dust and noise, not to mention the occasional disruption to important services like water and power. Being at home during this time is hard enough, but it’s much harder when you’ve got guests on the property.

Is It Safe to Live In a House During Renovation?

It’s safe to live in your house during your renovation unless your contractor tells you it isn’t. Some renovations are so invasive and require so much demolition that the homeowner must move out until the work is done.

If this is the case, it’s important to work with a contractor that sets very clear expectations. Find a contractor that can communicate with you about the approximate start and end date of your project, so you’ll be able to plan ahead for your temporary accommodations.

Where to Stay During Home Renovation

Depending on the work that’s being done, you may choose to live in temporary housing during home renovation. This may mean moving in with relatives, or you may move into a rental home near your current home. Plan to put your furniture and things in storage, as renovations can get very dusty.

Which Renovations Require Homeowners to Move Out?

An example of a renovation that requires a homeowner to move out might be a second story addition, or a whole home renovation. If you’re renovating more than 60% of your home at one time, then it’s important to find a new, safe place to live while the work is taking place.

Life Under Renovation Can Be Challenging! That’s Why It’s Important to Work With an Experienced Contractor

Are you planning to remodel your home sometime soon? Regardless of whether you’re going to be remodeling your kitchen or remodeling multiple rooms at once, it’s important to find a contractor that communicates well, sets expectations, provides remodel advice and more. Choose a contractor that you wouldn’t mind making a temporary part of your family – because they will be!

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