When it’s time to dive into a major home improvement project, choosing the right local remodeling contractor can be a daunting task. If you don’t know someone who’s recently had renovations done to their own home — and know that they had a good experience and you’ve seen the renovations yourself — then you’ll have to venture out and shop around. This will take some time and require doing your homework, but both your money and your home are at risk. You’ll want to make a careful decision.

And a local remodeling contractor is not only a group of, hopefully, professionals who will transform your significant monetary investment into a more livable and valuable property, but also a group of people who will be spending significant time in your home. So, you’ll not only want to find out all you can about the quality of their work, but also the quality of the work environment they’ll bring into your home. Your kitchen renovations, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovations, or full house renovations will be in their hands; those hands will be in your personal space for days or weeks.

Therefore it’s not only important to see examples of projects local remodeling contractors have done previously, but also to meet with them and gauge their attitudes and core beliefs as construction professionals. You’ll want to do enough preliminary research so that you don’t have to meet with too many contractors, since it will be a time-consuming activity for both parties and too many meetings might bog down the process.

But once meeting in person you will want to get a sense of how they’d handle unexpected problems or changes in plans. How willing are they to take the time to explain in detail the work they believe is required to carry out your wishes? Do you get the sense that they are realistic about how long it will take to do the job? Do you want them in your house?

Any legitimate remodeling contractor should be able to provide you with a portfolio of successful projects they already have under their belt. In the modern day and age, this will most likely take the form of a web page with enough photos that give visual evidence of the work their company is capable of. Testimonials from former clients should also be available. There are also a number of online rating sites where clients can give feedback for contractors that have done work for them, including houzz.com, angieslist.com, and homeadvisor.com.

You’ll only want to consider local remodeling contractors for your home improvements who hold the licenses required by state and local governmental agencies. A company that’s been in business for more than a few years is likely to be more stable, with experience and more of a “been there, done that” savviness. Membership in industry associations and local business organizations are also signs of stability and professionalism.

Bromwell Construction Company has been a local remodeling contractor in the greater Delaware area for over 25 years. Please explore our web page, request an Estimate or give us a call to get the conversation about your home improvement project started. And if you invite us into your home, we’ll remember to wipe our feet and be as quiet as folks running power tools can be.