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There are several good reasons to renovate the basement in your home, whether you’re looking to maximize the functionality of an existing space for your family or create a specialty area, such as a gym, game room or bar.

By transforming your basement into a useful, inviting space, you can further enhance the appeal of your home and increase its value. This transformation, however, does not happen overnight, which may have many homeowners wondering if finishing their Delaware basement is worth the investment of time and money.

How Much to Remodel a Basement in Delaware?

As with most home improvement projects, the precise cost of remodeling your basement will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the space and how you envision using it. When undertaking a project like finishing your basement, you can choose a number of different features to add.

If you have a roughly 1,000-square-foot basement, the cost of your basement remodel could be between $45,000 and $79,000, depending on whether you choose a basic-, mid-, or upper-level renovation. Those different levels of remodeling pertain to the quality of finishes you choose; whether you want a dedicated room or two; and the type of layout. By adding a bathroom and wet bar to your basement, the cost of your project could land closer to $91,000 to $109,000.

If your basement is closer to 1,500 square feet, your project could cost about $67,000 to $108,000, based on the scope of the project and if you want a bathroom or other dedicated rooms. If you decide to add a bar and bathroom, you may be looking at closer to $96,000 to $140,000, depending on the layout and what level of renovation you’re considering. Typically, most projects land between mid- and upper-levels, because those include above builder grade fixtures.

For most basement remodels, a portion of your basement remodel costs will involve the upfront work to include space planning and layout design, the services of a dedicated project manager, and all labor and materials. The cost often does not cover demolition, adding egress windows, or permit fees.

Is it Worth it to Finish a Basement?

For many homeowners, their basement is an uninviting, uninhabitable room beneath their otherwise comfortable home that never gets used – making it virtually wasted space. Instead, you could turn your basement into an entertainment room, extra bedroom, playroom, gym, art studio, or even sub-level garage, any of which are worth the basement finishing cost.

When weighing cost versus benefit, it’s good to keep in mind annual surveys conducted by Remodeling magazine revealed that, nationally, the average return on investment for finishing a basement is an additional 75 cents per dollar, according to Better Homes & Gardens, so it would be a worthwhile investment.

Additionally, you can create a haven of higher functionality and style that offers more space to entertain, house visiting family members, or efficiently store items, while also reducing moisture and rot problems.

Undertaking a Basement Remodel in Delaware

Any time you are considering basement renovations or transforming an unfinished basement, it’s best to consult a qualified contractor that does basement remodeling in Delaware. Bromwell Construction Company offers a number of different basement remodeling services that range in cost so homeowners in Delaware can select the option that suits their needs and preferences. From basic renovations to complete transformations, we can provide an individualized estimate and other insight to steer you toward the right renovation to help you accomplish your goals for the space.

Cost of a Basement Remodel in Philadelphia and Delaware 


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